his is the PROFESSIONAL area OF SANTAMONICA2000, where you'll find products conceived and developed by the staff SANTAMONICA2000, from mixtures of seeds special formulas of mash, for specific equipment for the breeding of all types of birds.


Misto germinabile

The germinable mixture santamonica2000 is an excellent blend designed to be able to breed both canaries and goldfinches, and all species of granivorous in general. In addition to seeds that are used in all mixtures on the market,that is namely rape, Niger, azuki beans, cabbage, our mix is completed with the addition of wheat, radish, millet, white, grass, canary grass, chicory, spinach, hemp and sunflower black micro.

Price: 3.00 Euro per kg



Dry white mash , made of biscuit, with no colour. With 16.40% of protein, it is very suitable and recommended for the breeding of all types of granivorous. Used in our breeding, for many years, it has given excellent results on both canaries and finches and on bullfinches. Ingredients: bakery products, cereals, by-products of plant origin, seeds, eggs and egg products, sugar, milk and dairy products, natural flavors. Note: Use only the egg white, then very suitable for rearing white and all those canaries that require flight feathers completely white. You can use this as a year-round, in the spawning season wet with mixture germinable Santamonica2000 that can be germinated or boil.

Price: 3.00 Euro per kg


Prodotti 1

Soft white-based biscuit mash , without colouring for all granivorous birds, to be used at any time of year, we recommend to keep it always available. With 18.50% of protein, provides animals always in perfect condition, with yellow bellies and fat at the right point. Ingredients: bakery products, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, seeds, sugar, milk and dairy products, natural flavors.

Price: 3.00 Euro per kg



Italian - Canadian SCAGLIOLA SANTAMONICA2000 seed, super-ventilated and selected colour, ...have you ever seen a scagliola like that? Recommended for finches, wildlife animals, and canaries of which you take care in a particular way.

Price: 2.00 Euro per kg


Small black sunflower seeds, Italian production, good for finches

Price: 2.50 Euro per kg


Unbelievable but true, as small as a seed of Niger, easy to confuse. Extraordinary for the goldfinches that are greedy, but very well liked by canaries. Excellent in farming.

Price: 6.00 Euro per kg



Small seeds of wild thistle, very difficult to find, even this product in Italy, available till depleting the stock. Used in goldfinches to prevent and treat disorders of the liver.

Price: 13.00 Euro per kg


White lettuce produced in Italy, we recommend trying to see the difference how the goldfinches feed this product rather than the generally used

Price: 6.00 Euro per kg


Chicory produced in Italy, may be given to the goldfinches that feed on them voraciously

Price:4.00 Euro per kg

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