It was the year 2000...

SANTAMONICA2000 was born in the summer of that year.

Born with the purpose of becoming one of the best Italian breeding. It was possible to rich this important goal, after several years of experience in raising canaries in colour, and having already received both national and international awards. Overall Mr. Francesco Rosa breeds canaries sine 1985, aged just 10 years, and the passion has never stopped. After the first 3-4 years of experience, his passion for the exhibitions started, and immediately he got some positive results, of course, to local exhibitions, to take part more and more important and prestigious events.

Today we can say, the SANTAMONICA2000 is a reference point for Italian and foreign breeders, evidenced by the fact that their canaries are now in the most prestigious national and international holdings.

Fronte del negozio

Store Front Breeding, LH89

SANTAMONICA 2000 is subscribed to the Association Pesarese Ornicoltori under the name of Francesco Di Rosa, who is also its president since March of 2005, and has got ,as RNA (identification number) the symbol LH89.

Nine aviaries 2mt. to 1 mt.

Aviaries where all the changed natives housed (goldfinches, bullfinches, finch, siskin, accordions and bucks).

Research and design

A study for research and design of professional products.

Living room for breeders.

A place for breeders, where visitors are welcomed and important birds and professional products are showed.

Objectively a single structure in Italy, with capacity for up to 3000 birds!


The extraordinary capability of this breeding is that it is not only concentrated in achieving important results for a few types of canaries, but rather is able to bring the highest level all types of birds, being always in step with the times and especially following the latest changes, see Kobalto, imported from Germany into national preview in 2002, and exhibited for the first time ever in Italy to the international of Bari in 2003.

In recent years the SANTAMONICA2000 has extended the availability to other types of birds such as goldfinches, cardinalini of Venezuela, bullfinches, finch, siskin, accordions and bucks.

SANTAMONICA2000 does not stop with just farming a number of birds, but studies, designs and manufactures equipment for farmers of all kinds, mixed seeds and mash, specific granivorous, and all you can need for the world of breeders.

Our structure

Impressive, in the opinion of experts. A herd studied in detail, comprising:

Two rooms with a capacity to contain 350 pairs


A room with 70 weaned
aviaries from 120cm x 40cm


A room for exhibitions' preparation

A room where the subjects, after the moulting are prepared for shows, with ability to store up to 200 birds.

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Here we are!

Francesco Rosa

Francesco Rosa, the creator of Santamonica2000, has begun to manage its breeding as a real company 8 years ago, to become a reference point for breeders throughout the world. Advertising, marketing, courtesy, linked to good quality performance and exhibition areas have always been key points of the management Santamonica2000.
A demonstration of that the obteined results both national and international for over 20 years. Just in the 2008 season, at the 35th international exhibition held in Geel, Mechelen,he could rich 6 first places, 3 second places and one third place,and he was the 6th best keeper of all the exposure. The 2008 season ended in Piacenza with a world title and third place.

Domenico Rosa

Domenico Rosa, important in managing the breeding, and do everything necessary in the design of the equipments in continuous evolution.Better Known like a specialist in commercial law in Rimini, devotes all his spare time to follow all the breeding , especially the goldfinches'one.

Paolo Falcini

Paolo Falcioni, a man of absolute confidence, He began to develop species of canaries 5 years ago to achieve the highest possible level.

Jennifer Rosa

Jennifer Rosa, the mascot of the farming, a smile, a hug, and the hard work of every day becomes lighter.

Francesco Rosa3

Carmen Marcu ...if we continue to make good canaries is also thanks to his patience. She Has the important task of updating the records of breeding, and maintaining the accounts.