Santamonica2000 Allevaxte

It is an innovative service that the Santamonica2000 GIVES to all those who join the SANTAMONICA2000 PRIVILEGE CARD. It consists in the ability to grow up and breed a specificnumber of canaries, choosing the type, colour, category and sex, with a FOI regular irremovable ring supplied to us by the breeders who made this request. Finally, the breeder in October will take home the canaries booked in advance but his own ring, in this way he can participate to exhibitions, without fear of being disqualified. The advantages that the breeder can achieve are many. The Santamonica2000 ensures a high selection of subjects raised. This service is subject to contract. To view a copy of the contract you can ask for him by sending an e-mail

Santamonica2000 Card Privilege

studied by Santamonica2000, for those farmers who want to feel privileged compared to others...

The price of SANTAMONICA2000 PRIVILEGE CARD is fixed in euro 50.00 and it is valid for a period of one year from the date of issue.

The advantages of the holders of SANTAMONICA2000 PRIVILEGE CARD are:

  • Right to free gadgets SANTAMONICA2000 far achieved, and those who will go to achieve.
  • Ability to take advantage of offers of both animal products, which will be reserved only for holders of SANTAMONICA2000 PRIVILEGE CARD
  • Possibility to use the Stand Santamonica2000, exhibitions that will be present in order to accommodate the members acquired. This must still be agreed in advance, and until theavailablity of the space.
  • Opportunity to have three free dinners along with all staff, inside the stand Santamonica2000, to all exhibitions on that they will be present
  • Possibility to use the innovative service SANTAMONICA2000 ALLEVAXTE
  • Opportunity to subscribe to F.O.I. through the Association of PESARESI ORNICOLTORI, taking advantage of a discount of 10 euros (cost of the card discount 45-10 = 35 euro).
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Santamonica 2000 Card Privilege